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Coffee rulz!!!!!!!

Free Texas Dating

YAY!!! I LOVE coffee! that's all I can say.. now back to finish Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ^^

Study in Australia 2007

Yesterday and today (yes, sounds like DAI' song XD) I went to a university fair called "Study in Australia" (about australian universities and institutes) held at Sheraton Hotel. It was better organized than last year and it was easier to talk to the people there, because it wasn't that crowded... besides, it was nice getting to know a different culture than yours and practise my english (which lot of people said was really good *blushes, then headdesk*... 

But the best of the fair, besides finding a Masters in Translating and Interpreting + International Relations/Masters in Translating and Interpreting/Masters in Conference Interpreting/Postgraduate in Tranlating/ Diplomate in Interpreting English-Japanese was Josh... oh my godness... my weekend got better than ever.... do you know Michael Vartan from "Never Been Kissed" and "Alias"? well... imagine him younger, with short curly hair, brown eyes and a little beard.... picture me drooling *drools again*... with my friend got stuck like hour and a half talking with him and another person in that stand, and with my friend were "we so gonna have to study in Australia sometime in our life".... and he's living here! yay! and he learnt another slang with us! (peinar la muñeca, he said "quiero peinar la muñeca" and I was like "awwwww *0* ")... that guy's such a sweetheart and really funny... the perfect guy! smart, likes languages, really cute, funny... with my friend we even got a picture with him, yay again *dances around the room jumping on the bed then falls*.... and I've to admit that I got not so white thoughts... yes, thanks to my friend I have a dirty mind... *fans herself*... he even likes kangaroos and koalas (we wanted to steal some koala and kangaroo bears from another stand)... and the best of it, he spoke a phrase in French to me, and I literally died and went to Heaven, then came back and drooled and "awwed" some more, then I tranlated the what he said and learnt where he lived... so, to me, perfect guy ^^

what else? It was a good experience, I finally found a masters in my area and I could practise my speaking and listening, which is always good, but the bad thing is that everything is a little expensive, so I've to save a lot of money if I'd like to go and study there... but I still have a few years to think about this...

I better get to sleep or my dad will cut some important assets from me ^^, a kiss to all of you and until another post!

V for Vendetta Review

"Remember, remember the fifth of November
The gundpowder, treason and plot
I see of no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot"

That's how the movie started, with those words, and even if now my neck hurts like hell and my head is pounding and demanding sleep again, I'm going to keep my "promise" and post my review of this movie, which almost made me cry a little, but gives us the perspective of what people live under the opressionof their goverments.

I loved V and his character at the beginning... he's so sarcastic to talk and I was "OMFG LMAO ROTF!"... and when he was with his apron cooking... mega LOL!!... and the "fight" while watching "The Count of Mount Christ" was funny too... so, as a general thing: I <3 V [does any cable company has "V Television"?????].... the only thing I didn't like about him was when Evey was taken prisioner ¬¬...

Evey: I'm a fan of Natalie Portman, so I really liked her character, and her accent? I was drooling [one of my frustrated dreams is have a perfect british accent T_T sniff]... loved her character too, and made me cry (literally) when she was readling Valerie's letter [yes, I was sobbing with the letter, 'cause it makes you think how someone would feel in her situation, not just being in prision, but being chased for being in love with someone who casually has the same gender as you (in one of my class we discussed about homosexuality, and one of my classmates said "you fall in love with people, not with their gender", and me and other classmates supported what she said, even my teacher thought the same as we did)... it was a sad letter, and made me remember my best friend]

What else? Did I say that I totally loved the movie? the OST and everything? and... I WANT A MASK FOR MYSELF!! T_T... ok... if I have to score it from 1 to 7, it's a 6.5 [V should have lived and stayed with Evey]... and that's all I can remember now, my brain is almost asleep again XD

Maybe later I'll post some signature or icon about the movie or something like that, and special thanks to Jo for her icon: LOVED IT TO BITS! THANK YOU *kisses and hugs*


First Entry

Ok... I got convinced (again, unlucky me) to create a LJ and I did... and I so don't know how to use this LOL...
hopefully I'll understand it soon... and, what to say? feel welcome to leave comments and things, 'cause I'll try to update this with different entries and maybe, if Ms.Inspiration comes, some wallpapers and stuffs...

now off to bed, have classes tomorrow (even if it's my free day ¬¬)... hugs!